Our Impact

What does it say to a child about her value as a human being when she has no home, no food, and no hope of a future? This is a scary time to be a child in New Mexico. These children lead fragile lives and need your help. As the federal safety nets disappear, the outlook for many children and families in New Mexico becomes downright terrifying.

Our work impacts hundreds of thousands of children in New Mexico, in sovereign tribal nations and all over the country. A few of Appleseed’s accomplishments include:

  • Hunger (Impact over 116,000 children annually):

    Our anti-hunger work continues to shine as more children receive access to school, holiday, evening and summer meals. We work all over the state to maximize USDA food programs that feed kids and create jobs.

  • Child Abuse and Neglect (Impact 90 families):

    Bouncing from couch to couch, living in a car, unable to leave a domestic violence situation because they have no money to move means parents are more likely to commit child abuse and neglect. Keeping Families Together, a program spearheaded by Appleseed uses permanent supportive housing as a child maltreatment intervention. 90 families saw a 60-80 percent reduction in maltreatment claims a year after they were first housed. We are working to expand this to program to 150 new families and show how critical housing is to child wellbeing.

  • Child Homelessness (Predicted impact at least 10,000):

    Unstable or lack of housing is a driver for many negative outcomes for children, including poor educational outcomes and child abuse and neglect, yet there are few avenues by which a child’s housing status is documented. New Mexico has no idea of the size and depth of the homelessness problem of children in our state. Appleseed is working with homeless children and families, school districts and social services providers to identify more children, understand their needs and connect them with effective services.

  • Childhood Integrated Longitudinal Databank (Predicted impact immeasurable):

    Imagine if we could predict and prevent problems such as homelessness, child abuse, and drug use. New Mexico Appleseed’s work is laying the foundation to do just that. Not only will we better understand what risks correlate with what problems, we will be able to make sure that the services at-risk children and families receive to solve those problems actually work.

We are guided by our mission to end poverty in New Mexico. We want to ensure that every child and family has the necessary support and opportunities to lift themselves out of poverty. We seek permanent and dramatic positive change.

The more you help, the more we can help. Please consider the gift of a better life for New Mexico’s children.



Make check payable to NM Appleseed and send to: 600 Central Ave. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87102


Anyone can designate to NM Appleseed through a donation to United Way of Central New Mexico. Please consider a donation to New Mexico Appleseed. Your support is crucial to creating a New Mexico where the voices of the poor, the children and the marginalized are heard and where injustices that no one should endure are resolved.